Hex Ball

Deal With An Enemy With Maximum Prejudice

Traditional rootwork formula to put a stop to miscreants.

NOTE: Don't resort to hexing UNLESS there is good cause.

Created by Dark Angel in the swamplands of Mississippi. If you need somebody to leave or move away, the key ingredient will be Hot Foot Powder. If it is purely for hexing, then Goofer Dust is used.

Loaded with baleful power during a ritual performed by DA and Doktor Snake. This devastating Vudu Hex Ball can be thrown into the yard of an enemy, or deposited somewhere on their property. From there it will have its effect, and you will get the desired result - your enemy leaving or suffering the consequences of their actions.

Comes complete with leaflet of instructions.

$10 P&P USA - $20 rest of the world. Please allow ten to fifteen days for your item(s) to be delivered via tracked & signed postal mail or UPS.


Doktor Snake & Dark Angel


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